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Multimaster replication for PostgreSQL on Windows

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 7 years ago


Hans-Juergen Schoenig writes "Cybertec releases sync-multimaster replication for Windows
================================================== ========

Vienna: February 22nd 2007 — To satisfy the needs of countless PostgreSQL users
out there Cybertec has released the first synchronous-multimaster replication
solution for PostgreSQL which can be used on Windows and Linux. The system
scales to 128 nodes and provides superior performance on all platforms.

The new Windows version provides an easy to use installer and is based on a
totally reworked, multithreaded engine which provides perfect stability,
portability and excellent performance.

Enlarging the cluster is an easy task. Database nodes can be added and removed
on the fly providing the customer with perfect 24x7 availability.

Along with our clustering solution we provide 24x7 support including bugfixing
and performance tuning of your application.

About Cybertec:

Cybertec has provided PostgreSQL based solutions since June 2000. We are the
first vendor in Europe focusing entirely on PostgreSQL.

About the product:

For more information about multimaster replication check out

Contact us:

Cybertec Geschwinde & Schoenig GmbH
Schoengrabern 134
A-2020 Hollabrunn, Austria
Tel: +43 / 664 / 3933 974

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