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PS3 Hits the UK, with a free HDTV

aslate (675607) writes | more than 6 years ago

PlayStation (Games)

aslate writes "After the recent bad publicity over terrible backwards compatibility and a huge £425 ($835) price tag, the PS3 has hit the UK and Europe. To help get their sales up the first 100 customers at the launch at Virgin Megastores on Oxford Street got a nice shiny £2,500 HDTV set absolutely free, courtesy of Sony. The article covers the launch where 'Oxford Street has seen its fair share of console launches in the last five years and typically they follow a pre-ordained pattern — fans queue up in the cold, laser lights and spotlights criss-cross the sky, a highly-paid celebrity starts the sales and a few hundred gamers troop onto the shop floor. But this time there was no celebrity-injected glamour or son et lumiere. Sony still needs to convince the mass market that the PS3 is the console of choice. And it cannot give away a free HDTV as an incentive to everyone who buys the console'"

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