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Open Source alternative to PageRank

OpenSearch (1103019) writes | more than 6 years ago


OpenRank writes "OpenRank
OpenRank is an open source project to create a better ranking algorithm/process. A processes that can not only be used for searching webpages, but for any other item, in a multi consumer-producer environment such as the internet.

The power that a search engine has by being the gatekeeper to the internet is too important to be hidden away and controlled by a small group of multi billion $ companies. This is why OpenRank is important

Processes such as PageRank used by Google to measure how relevant a website will be to you based on the number of links to that site are fundamentally flawed. The importance given to factors influencing a webpage are no user specific

OpenRank attempts to:

  • Make this process available to all.
  • Taylor the search results to the taste of the user.
  • Be completely open for developers, content creators, people searching, everyone...

OpenRank needs your help to make it possible. The project needs all people — there are many ways to producing a great search and many skill sets are needed.

If you have ideas about
  • How searching for or ranking of webpages, photos, music, books, etc could be better
  • How to write a better algorithm for ranking
  • Anthropology
  • Computer software/hardware
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Language

Then OpenRank needs you
More information
OpenRank @ Wikipedia
OpenRank Group"

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