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R2D2: Skype-enabled and iPod compatible?

BillGatesLoveChild (1046184) writes | more than 7 years ago

Robotics 0

BillGatesLoveChild (1046184) writes "Ever wondered what R2D2's technical specs are? Look closely, and you'll see he has a USB Port. Look closer, and you'll also see he has a memory card reader, an MP3 player, an iPod docking bay, and a DVD player connected to a XGA wall projector: "Help me Slashdotter, you're my only hope." The Japan Times reports that the Nikko Group is now selling R2D2 as a home robot. The Home Entertainment R2D2 features all of the above, and is controlled with a Millennium Falcon-shaped remote control. The price is a cool US$3,195. And no self-respecting fan boy would be caught dead with an iPhone when he could have this: The Home Communications R2D2 is Skype-enabled, with a webcam and light sabre for the handset. The Nikko Group links are in Japanese, but don't worry. While you may not be able to read Japanese, Geek is the universal language."

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