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New 10th-generation LCD panel plant from Sharp

DaMan1970 (1122631) writes | about 7 years ago

Television 0

DaMan1970 writes "Today Sharp hosted a press event to announce its plans for a new state-of-the-art LCD panel & solar cell plant in Sakai City (Japan)

The LCD panel plant will be the 1st in the world to use 10th-generation glass substrates (the world's largest size)

The LCD panel plant will be the 1st in the world to use 10th-generation glass substrates, the world's largest size (2,850 mm x 3,050 mm) 60% larger than the 8th-generation substrates used at Sharps Kameyama Plant No. 2. This 10th-generation glass substrate will yield 6 LCD panels in the 60-inch class, 8 panels in the 50-inch class, or 15 panels in the 40-inch class, making it possible to fabricate LCD panels for large-screen TVs with extremely high levels of efficiency & off course very cost effective for Sharp."

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