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Comcast Caches Web Pages

not-admin (943926) writes | more than 6 years ago

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not-admin writes "A little over five years ago, Comcast received some major consumer backlash for their policy of caching web pages that users requested, along with the IP address of the requesting user. It appears now that this policy has been reinstated, at least for personal customers. While this does make practical sense for an ISP, it is unpractical in many cases where site content is generated on-demand. In situations like that a cache can cause problems, making a site cumbersome or even useless. In the evolving "Web 2.0" world of today, is caching a practical solution for ISPs or just another hassle for the consumer?"

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Caching Proxies at ISPs (2, Insightful)

Onlyodin (1137597) | more than 6 years ago | (#20247211)

I'm not against a properly configured proxy cache - so long as it is just that - configured properly. Any technology that allows the ISP to save on traffic utilisation costs will allow the smart ISPs to pass on some of those savings to the customer, resulting in a better value service. I don't know what that means to most americans and people around the world, but here in australia there are substantial benefits.

I suppose it would be remain to be seen how much a proxy can cache to be when pages are generated dynamically and such, but caching technology has come a long way too - hash the images and other such items and transfer the deltas, reducing the number of times one item needs to pass the same channels to reach new destinations.

Heck, I even run my own Cache for the house!
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