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Wordlogic Patented Predictive Interface

Packetl055 (1146881) writes | more than 7 years ago

Patents 1

Packetl055 writes "Have any of you heard anything about this new high tech company (Wordlogic) with a soon to be granted/issued patent with 117 claims for predictability software? They recently received the patent approval/allowance letter from the U.S. Patent Office see link. Their patent application was submitted in March 2000. If I read this correctly any software that gives you any prediction after you type something is infringing on their patent (e.g. vehicle navigation systems, cellular telephones, PDA's, Google with their "Did You Mean" when using Google for a search, the new Apple I-Phone, Blackberry, Sony Playstation-3, etc. etc.). If true, this is going to be huge. Lawsuits after lawsuits because of infringements."

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Prior Art? (1)

pwizard2 (920421) | more than 7 years ago | (#20340459)

I am certain that I saw similar technologies already in place before these patents were filed in 2000, so what are the odds that these patents will be struck down?
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