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AMD unveils SSE5 Instruction Set

mestlick (88537) writes | more than 7 years ago


mestlick writes "Today AMD unveiled its 128-Bit SSE5 Instruction Set. The big news is that it includes 3 operand instructions such as floating point and integer fused multiply add and permute.
AMD posted a press release and a PDF describing the new instructions."

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Is there finally a decent way... (1)

Brane2 (608748) | more than 7 years ago | (#20421633)

to check for the condition inside SSE machine, without bothering the main CPU ?

It would be very nice if SSE would be capable of executing at least short loops without needed intervention of the rest of the chip and if it could check for conditions.

This way, one could find the element in a sequence that satisfies given condition ( min, max, whatever else) and bother the CPU ( via interrupt or maybe polling) when it is found/not .

As it is now, SSE machinery is good only for intensive data massaging without any decision making based on the result- like mpeg decoding etc...
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