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Anonymous Coward writes | more than 6 years ago

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Laura Lazear writes "Hello, I thought you and your readers would be interested in checking out AniBOOM (www.aniboom.com), which launched officially in the U.S. Aug. 21. Aniboom is a premier animation network that partners with animators around the world for multiplatform distribution of original content. Driven by the passion of the art form, professional animators, animation students, Web 2.0 enthusiasts and animation fans come together at www.aniboom.com to create, watch and share a wide range of animated shorts and series. AniBOOM offers unique online animation tools called Animachines, which allow anyone to create their own high quality content. Aniboom recently launched a great new animation widget tool called MicroSmotion — which allows you to animate yourself or anything else into a video. You can then embed it on your favorite social networking site, including MySpace, Facebook, Frienster, Xanga, FreeWebs and more, use it to comment on someone else's blog or create your own original video greeting cards & send them to your friends & family! http://www.aniboom.com/MicroSmotion/ Also, you can embed any animation you create using AniBOOM's Shapeshifter tool into your social networking site of choice. Also, Aniboom's Creators Studio allows animators who have a great idea for an original animated web series to pitch, produce and monetize high-quality original animated series spanning a variety of genres for worldwide channels of distribution. http://www.aniboom.com/studio/create and http://www.aniboom.com/studio/watch. AniBOOM also provides each creator with simple revenue share models- all animators receive a fair share of advertising and licensing revenue. We hope that you will consider sharing this info with your readers, and become part of the AniBOOM community. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Laura Laura Lazear mPRm Public Relations 5670 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 2500 | Los Angeles, CA 90036 Tel: 323.933.3399 ext. 4259 | Fax: 323.939.7211 Email: llazear@mprm.com | www.mprm.com"
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