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High end Lenovo and Dell laptops at 40% discount

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 6 years ago

Linuxcare 0

An anonymous reader writes "Would you like to acquire a sufficiently high end brand new laptop sporting upto 1 GB memory (RAM), an Intel dual core processor, 120 GB hard disk et al manufactured by a company like Dell or Lenovo for just around 60 % of its actual street price ? Well you could, provided you are living in the Indian state of TamilNadu and more importantly you are a bona fide student enrolled in a school or college in TamilNadu.

This article reports that the laptop scheme is the brain child of Electronics Corporation of TamilNadu Limited (ELCOT). ELCOT is a wholly owned Government of TamilNadu Undertaking, registered under the Indian Companies Act(1956). It is the nodal agency for Information and Communication Technology projects for the Government of TamilNadu.

The article further opinions that the government of TamilNadu is famous for its people friendly schemes. Some of them being the free bicycle scheme, distributing 20 Kg rice per month to each family at a price of 5 cents per Kg, Free colour television set scheme and now the Laptop scheme.

The laptops will be fully compatible with Linux and will come pre-installed with OpenSuSE and choke full of very useful Free software."

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