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Dutch commission deals blow to electronic voting

hcdejong (561314) writes | about 7 years ago

Security 3

hcdejong writes "The Dutch commission that has been investigating the electoral process presented its final report yesterday (Dutch only). The conclusions and recommendations are devastating to the current Dutch practice of voting electronically, and to plans for voting via the internet.

Paraphrasing from the report:

  • the current electronic voting machines do not comply with the basic requirements of an election (e.g. transparency, controllability, integrity).
  • the paper ballot still offers the best way to comply with these basic requirements.
  • the commission recommends using an electronic system to generate the paper ballot. The voter must be allowed to check the ballot before it is deposited in a locked box.
  • votes can be counted electronically (by scanning the paper ballots), with the option of a manual recount.

The deputy minister for the interior Bijleveld said in an initial response (Dutch only) that she would revoke the certification of the current generation of electronic voting machines. The minister plans to present an official Cabinet position on the electoral process in two months.
The next elections (for the European Parliament, 2009) may see a return to paper ballots."

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Congratulations to Rop Gonggrijp and friends! (1)

ecotax (303198) | about 7 years ago | (#20779893)

This is a great result for the Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers ('we do not trust voting computers') organisation. []

More useful link (1)

ecotax (303198) | about 7 years ago | (#20780301)

Sorry - just realized that their English page [] is probably more useful for most of you out there...

This is fantastic news (1)

laird (2705) | about 7 years ago | (#20780063)

There's been some progress on this front in the US, but in general the state politicians have been too unwilling to admit that they wasted millions of dollars on machines that should never have been certified, and without admitting that they can't fix the problem. Luckily this can be fixed through elections, as happened in California. And while Russ Holt's bill is imperfect, it's at least an attempt to fix the problems.

Please suppose the Open Voting Consortium (linked in my .sig). It's an open source project that's implemented a voting system that provides all of the advantages of electronic voting (computer-assisted entry, preventing invalid ballots, presenting ballots in multiple languages, presenting audible ballots for the blind, etc.) but the end product is a paper ballot that can be verified by the voter, stored securely, audited, and re-counted in the case of a contested election.
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