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School Administrators Gone Wild

theodp (442580) writes | more than 6 years ago

Education 3

theodp writes "Parents of public school kids in Oak Lawn (IL) are all a-titter as traditions like the annual Halloween Parade and Santa's Visit face elimination after complaints that the activities are offensive, particularly to Muslim students. School officials agreed earlier in the month to change the lunch menu to exclude items containing pork to accommodate Muslim students, including a Jell-O ban. And in nearby Oak Park, school administrators are busy cracking down on hugging and high-fives."

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Once again, try not to hurt everyone's feelings... (1)

mnslinky (1105103) | more than 6 years ago | (#20814905)

I don't know about most other people out there, but I'm pretty tired of catering so much to specific groups of people. Nobody is forcing these people to participate in these events. Nobody's making them eat pork. Nobody's making them eat Jell-O. I'm sorry, but if you don't like it, go somewhere else. I don't have to take pork off my menu because you're offended.

Get off your damned high-horse and learn to accept other people and their culture. I'm forced to accept you. Two-way road people.

Re:Once again, try not to hurt everyone's feelings (1)

TomorrowPlusX (571956) | more than 6 years ago | (#20815203)

I agree, and I'm a muslim!

Well, more accurately, I was a muslim, and am an atheist now. But anyway, I grew up in America in the late 70's, early 80s when literally everything had some sort of pork product in it, usually lard. So I didn't eat it.

The only complaint I have with how things were back then was that during ramadan, since I couldn't eat, I had to sit in the cafeteria with all the eating kids and, I guess, just draw or stare at my shoes. I asked if I could sit in the library and read, but the teachers said no.

But I didn't sue, and it never occurred to my folks to sue. Lawsuits are for real problems, not hurt feelings.

Now, all this being said, you might want to get off your own high horse. People who yell loudly about how sick and tired they are for all the magnificent suffering it takes to accommodate all those whining 'furrin cultures, are the same people who bitch and moan about The War Against Christmas. You guys bitch and moan as much as the people you hate so much!

Deal with it. It's a big planet, and there's a lot of different ways to do things. If we bitched less, and tried harder to be a little fucking decent to each other the world would be a hell of a lot nicer. The muslims in the story above don't have to eat the damned jello. And, we ( the "west" ) can try to be a little more accommodating to them.

It's just not that hard.

Re:Once again, try not to hurt everyone's feelings (1)

mnslinky (1105103) | more than 6 years ago | (#20816289)

Perhaps I was misunderstood. I don't have a problem with Muslims, or anyone, for that matter. What I have a problem with is the method people use sometimes to reach that goal. In the pork example, it was stated that pork was banned from the school. I don't think that's reasonable. Doing as some airlines do for Jews and offering a Kosher meal, on the other hand, would be more than acceptable, and reasonable.

I *am* one of those that complains about 'The War on Christmas.' I don't think it's OK for you to expect me to not wish you a Merry Christmas. I wouldn't be offended by someone wish me a Happy Hanukkah. It's specifically the intolerance that bothers me. While I admit I don't know anything, and I'm not any smarter than most, it's obvious, to me, that the solution for intolerance is tolerance.

I hope I've clarified my thoughts on this a bit.
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