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Florida Scraps Touch Screen Voting, Literally

Kaseijin (766041) writes | about 7 years ago

United States 1

Kaseijin writes "Florida Governor Charlie Crist is getting his wish. The New York Times reports the state will replace touch-screen voting machines with optical scan models by July 1, 2008. The touch-screen machines most likely will be sold to other jurisdictions or stripped for parts."
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Florida Scraps Voting Machines - ES&S Wins Aga (1)

lanibrown (1175275) | about 7 years ago | (#21017365)

It's another sad day for Florida. Not only have we rushed to a solution without first defining the problem, but we're going with the same vendor! Yes, ES&S is about to win another election. But apparently the real goal of attaining a clean election that ensures one voter, one vote every time will not be a part of this solution.

Computers, paper, people will fail. Until we fix election procedures and laws to catch up with technology, our election processes will continue to be broken. ALL voting machines aside... Election laws must recognize technological voting anomalies. Our 2000 debacle with the pregnant chads resulted from failure to maintain the voting equipment properly and using substandard punch cards. However it was the failure of Florida's election laws that permitted the chaos that followed. In 2006, it was the failure of Florida's election laws that permitted an election with statistically improbable results to stand (Sarasota's 18,000 undervotes). Had Florida's election laws been on par with technology, both elections would have been automatic do-overs.

While the heroine in A MARGIN OF ERROR: BALLOTS OF STRAW scoffs at the notion of a silent coup marching across America in her fictitious voting machines.... It could happen more easily than any of us want to believe.

Lani Massey Brown, MARGIN OF ERROR: BALLOTS OF STRAW, political intrigue about a Florida governor's stolen election, featured on VotersUnite [] . Also []

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