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Dissatisfied Sony Ericsson customers speak out

krischik (781389) writes | more than 6 years ago

Sony 0

Martin Krischik writes "Fed up with buggy firmware, poor customer support and virtually no communication whatsoever from the company who sold them a less than satisfactory flagship product a year ago, UIQ 3 smartphone users have submitted an Open Letter to the new CEO of Sony Ericsson.

As he has expressed an interest in customer relations, this letter is an attempt by the SE smartphone user base to reach out to an interested and receptive audience at the company's UK Headquarters. Raising concerns about the company's perceived lack of interest both in fully supporting this line of devices, and in communicating with its users, the letter may well be the last attempt this sorely-tried user base (whose numbers have shrunk considerably since the poorly-planned launch of the P990i) makes to draw Sony Ericssons attention to these issues, before other manufacturer's offerings draw them away.

Having saddled a huge swathe of their smartphone user base with a 'flagship device' for which no more firmware support is forthcoming, Sony Ericsson then released the P1i, with specs making up in part for the shortcomings of the P990i. However the company made no conciliatory gesture whatever to the irate customers who had spent a small fortune on the P990i, and were presumably expected to obligingly cough up again for the pleasure of owning a device that might actually perform as advertised.

If you've been a part of the UIQ 3 debacle this past year, read on....

Open Letter to Sony Ericsson CEO Mr H. Komiyama"

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