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Microsoft's XO Laptop Strategy... Huh?

gbulmash (688770) writes | more than 6 years ago

Microsoft 2

gbulmash writes "Microsoft is spending a "non-trivial" amount of money to get Windows XP working on the OLPC project's XO laptop. But why? Despite the conjecture that the Linux-based XO could convince millions of people in the developing world that they don't need Windows and build a huge base of developers for Linux, there still remains the question of how Microsoft would convince owners of XO laptops to buy and install Windows XP over the functional Linux-based OS already on it. It's doublful that Microsoft could encourage or coerce Negroponte to put XP on the machine, so whose arms will they twist?"

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MS will give it away (1)

davester666 (731373) | more than 6 years ago | (#21125235)

It'll be XP Crippled, and only work on these wacky laptops, but there is going to be too many of these things being given to too many kids for MS to even consider letting Linux get that about of mindshare.

And they aren't going to aim at Negroponte to pre-install this instead of Linux. They will aim at convincing the governments where these laptops will eventually be shipped to, to get the government to demand that MS's software be installed so they can interoperate with the government's newly installed MS server software.

They can't let a generation of children, eager to learn to use computers to get a better life, learn how to use and program something other than Microsoft, and to know that the majority of computers around them can run something other than Microsoft software and run well.

Just like heroin, the first hit is free, but you pay dearly for the rest of your life. And you life sucks once you take that hit.

Re:MS will give it away (1)

Robocoastie (777066) | more than 6 years ago | (#21137227)

You're correct: it's about mindshare. That and the technology and practically coming out of XO is bound to produce products for the consumer market of a similar nature once people see that they STILL only need a Commodore 64 to get their work and school work done. This way MSFT will cement their place in that market as well. It's a last ditch effort though, and since they want to convince the world that Linux violates their patents they HAVE to try to do this or it'll be revealed to the world that their argument is truly just hot air. Doesn't really matter though, in the long run their next OS will be for business use only and be made up of server software and virtualization technology. The consumer market will compute via the next version of the XBOX 360 which will ship with a version of Office preinstalled on it, browser and other MSFT only do-dads. Effectively cementing once and for all their absolute monopoly. Even Dell knows its coming which is why you can buy game consoles from them now even - they are forward thinking.In a way it makes sense because the UI would "just work" like the early pre-DOS computers did, no stupid start button and it's "pausing, pausing, now" before it actually responds and other crashes.
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