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Ubuntu may be killing your laptop's hard drive

wwrmn (42399) writes | more than 6 years ago

Data Storage 1

wwrmn (42399) writes "There's a debate [] on whether it's the Ubuntu, BIOS, hard drive manufacturer or pick any player's fault, but Ubuntu (and perhaps any OS) may be dramatically shortening the life of your laptop's hard-drive due to an aggressive power saving feature/acpi bug/OS configuration. Regardless of where the fault lies or how it's fixed, you might want to take some actions now to try to prevent it."

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This is pretty simple (1)

mrsteveman1 (1010381) | more than 6 years ago | (#21165731)

Endless passing of blame gets tired after a while: if the startup scripts run hdparm and set the drive to spin down every few minutes, then its hdparms fault, and therefor the fault of whoever decided to set things that way, namely the Ubuntu developers.

Otherwise, its ACPI or the BIOS fault.
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