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Germany just decided to implement data retention

G'Quann (237134) writes | more than 6 years ago

Privacy 3

G'Quann writes "Starting next year, all communication providers in Germany will have to store all connection data for six months. This includes not only phone calls but also IP-addresses and e-mail headers. There had been a lot of protest against the new law, but it was ignored by the government. This sucks...

Here's a short summary with links to more detailed (but German) sources."

Link to Original Source


Storage Needs? (1)

RobK (24783) | more than 6 years ago | (#21296051)

Beyond all the legal/privacy issues, just how much storage would be necessary to archive six months of phone calls AND other communication? The costs seem like they'd be tremendous. Time to buy stock in Seagate?

Re:Storage Needs? (1)

G'Quann (237134) | more than 6 years ago | (#21296541)

It's not intended to store the content of the communication. Just the connection data, in the style of "x called y on 1.1.2009 1:23 for 24 minutes".

Nevertheless, it requires some storage space. Communication providers also complained a lot about this bill. Just imagine the amount of e-mails sent every day (including spam). Even if you store only the connection data (header), it'll probably add up to quite a bit.

Re:Storage Needs? (1)

rekoil (168689) | more than 6 years ago | (#21303107)

Beyond the phone call logging, the requirements to log every IP connection is a HUGE burden. Effectively, every access router would have to export Netflow or sFlow data, or mirror traffic to an analysis device for logging. I work for a large ISP, and we do Netflow accounting today, but only for aggregate traffic analysis - for example we can know at any time how much traffic is going to a particular destination. We also turn on "sample" mode, which only reports data for a small percentage of the traffic going through the device - when you're doing traffic analysis this is all you need. Even then, the record files generated by the collector fills up a 500MB ramdisk (where the oldest records are aged out as the disk fills) in less than a half hour. Turning off sample mode (which it appears the German law is requiring) would eat up at least gigabyte per minute. So yes, I am buying Seagate stock.
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