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Aiport security continues to miss explosives

Alpha830RulZ (939527) writes | more than 6 years ago

Security 0

Alpha830RulZ (939527) writes "According to a story in the Seattle PI today,, investigators were successful in getting components for so called liquid explosives past airport security in 19 different airports in the US. This raises the interesting question, since airport security is demonstrably porous to the motivated and educated person, and yet we have had no explosions on planes, does this not indicate that we are chasing terrorists that aren't there?

This will no doubt cause a hue and cry to develop to tighten security further("Sir, will you please remove your trousers and place your hands on this table?"), I think it actually demonstrates the opposite. Airport security is simply expensive theatre, which serves our government in keeping us concerned. If 19 airports are able to be circumvented, and yet no planes have dropped out of the sky, a reasonable conclusion might be that there are relatively few attempts being made to blow up such planes."

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