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The $10 Billion Poker Game

pickens (49171) writes | more than 6 years ago

The Almighty Buck 2

Hugh Pickens writes "Monday was the deadline for potential bidders to file with the Federal Communications Commission over the auction of the 700-megahertz band, a useful swath of the electromagnetic spectrum that is being freed up by the move to digital television. Once bidders file they become subject to strict "anticollusion" rules that in effect prohibit participants from discussing any aspect of their bidding until the auction is over and explains why Google announced Friday that it was going to bid in the auction because it can't discuss its bidding once it files to participate. The next official word will be late December or mid-January, when the FCC announces who has been approved to bid. The auction will start on January 24. Participants will use an Internet system to enter bids on any of 1,099 separate licenses that are being offered (pdf). Most coveted seems to be the C block, 12 regional licenses that can be combined to create a national wireless network. This is the spectrum Google is presumed to be most interested in. The bidding will be conducted in a series of rounds, and the commission will announce the amount of the high bid for each license at the end of each round but it will not identify the high bidder (pdf pages 10 — 14). Then the winning bidder will have ten days to put up 20 percent of the amount it bid. After that, the winner is allowed to discuss its bids publicly and negotiate with potential partners, such as losing bidders who may want to get in on the action but the winner only has ten more days to make deals before it has to pay the rest of the money it bid."

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Why are they auctioning it by region? (1)

jonwil (467024) | more than 6 years ago | (#21568079)

Wouldn't it make more sense to auction the key spectrum off as one big block covering the entire US?

Re:Why are they auctioning it by region? (1)

warpuck (825909) | more than 6 years ago | (#21574821)

I believe this part of the spectrum should be issued to the state, county & city goverments for FREE wireless internet. See Birmingham, AL schools K-8. This area of the RF spectrum is still line of site. It is not subject to energy absorbtion (water) and will transmit further with less power. Maybe it should limited to something like 802.11b half duplex or slower. If you need 802.11g or faster your ISP or wireless carrier provider can provide that connection. I have already been offered wireless internet @49.99 per month (sprint) and $0.39 per Mb for overuse charge. I don't remember what the base use rate was. The xmision rate was not as fast as 802.11b. The traffic for one day using one computer on the cable modem exceeded the the monthly at the base rate. Places like Point Barrow, Parumpf, Hibbing, Soddy-Daisy or Grants Would go unprovided, check your cell phone service in these areas. Comercial development depends only on an expected 400% or better return on investment. The only reliable service that exists in those areas is either POTS, analog or satelite. WHY is it being auctioned, period? or it could be distibuted by stacks of Franklins RELIGION (AKA he who has the most untraceable Franklins gets it all)
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