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Nokia claims Ogg format is "proprietary"

a nona maus (1200637) writes | more than 6 years ago

Software 2

a nona maus (1200637) writes "Several months ago the WHATWG workgroup of the W3C decided to include Ogg/Theora+Vorbis as the recommended baseline video codec standard for HTML5, against Apple's aggressive protest. Now, Nokia seems to be seeking a reversal of that decision: they have released a position paper calling Ogg "proprietary" and citing the importance of DRM support. Nokia has historically responded to questions about Ogg on their internet tablets with strange and inconsistent answers, along with hand waving about their legal department. This latest step is enough to really make you wonder what they are really up to."

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When I read the paper ... (1)

neutrino38 (1037806) | more than 6 years ago | (#21633959)

The post focuses on a single detail: the author calls Ogg a "proprietary format". This is of course a regrettable and stupid comment as Ogg, Theora and Vorbis are not proprietary in any sense. But I suggest reading the whole paper which is an interesting and valid point of view. They are AGAINST the decision of the W3C to recommend those format for Web video. They use three arguments:

  1. Theora video is somewhat based on H.261 and is obsolete in regards with recent developments such as H.264 and VP8 from On2. Can someone knowledgable about Theora make any comment on this assertion?
  2. De facto standard of the Web is Flash video and H.264 encapsulated in either FLV or MPEG 4 file formats. This one valid and reversing the trend seems difficult to imagine.
  3. They believe are not at ease with the process of the organisations behind ogg / vorbis / theora development and fear standard forks.

The last one is partially valid also but I have to add a comment: First, Nokia has vested interest in codec developments itself (they have patents related to the AMR codec). Second one has to remind that they are phone manufacturers. It is clear that they are more at ease with the standard process developed by the ITU. And I understand them: they are not building software but they are embedding chips with hardware codec capabilities. If someone 'forks' the standard and the OSS community decides to create an alternative standard (see Torrent protocol), all the chips that they developped are toasted.


DRM Free Or DIE! Go OGG Go! (1)

canuck57 (662392) | more than 6 years ago | (#21633969)

I guess the DRM pundits fear OGG. Good. We don't.

As much as the industry wants to corral us into lock-in that DRM provides, the fact is most people want an open, compatible, DRM free and royalty free formats. We want the portability, including that of what operating systems it runs on. We don't want to have to buy the same song on each new generation of devices and formats. We want to have a library of content. Be dammed if I am going to re-purchase all my CDs! If I can't rip/copy it, I don't own it.

We will eventually get it to despite Sony, MGM, Hollywood and others. If they will not provide it in the way I want, I will not buy it, as I don't have too. In fact, I still haven't bought a Sony or BMG anything since that root kit fiasco [] . (Sony, BTW that includes memory, cameras and PCs...., I am still waiting for the DRM free label)

And just because OGG becomes a W3C standard, does not mean they can't still pander their DRM laden content.

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