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What is Your Off-site Backup Strategy?

Giarc (1203374) writes | more than 6 years ago

Data Storage 2

Giarc (1203374) writes "I am rethinking our current backup strategy of the off-site storage of tapes. I have looked into Iron Mountain, but with us being a small/medium sized company I think that is overkill. I was, however, thinking of using a courier service to pick up the nightly backup and drop off the previous night. as well as store archival tapes in their warehouse. Problems I see with this method is that it environment may not be the greatest nor the transport mode. But it is better than the tape sitting on the front seat of my Saturn and on my counter, when I do remember to bring the tape in. What is your off-site strategy?"

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Carrier Pigeon (1)

russlar (1122455) | more than 6 years ago | (#21705306)

Seriously. Carrier Pigeons have long been overlooked as a reliable source of parcel transportation, provided they don't try and eat the parcel.

depends on what your needs are (1)

enigmatichmachine (214829) | more than 6 years ago | (#21709340)

for simple backup of a 20 person office, you can just backup to X number of hot swappable disk drives. if your backup is 100 gigs, you can get 3 500 gig drives and have 15 days of backups and keep 2 off site at any gi ven time. swap them out once a week. cheaper than a billion tapes, more reliable, and faster to backup. do incrementals, and your backup window gets much longer.

read the Tao of Backup and then implement with whatever technology you think is best for price/performance.
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