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The Utopia Project

shadowmage13 (911186) writes | more than 6 years ago

United States 0

shadowmage13 writes "So with the internet and all, we've been able to accomplish some amazing things by harnessing the powers of "crowd-sourcing" through things like free software and wikis. My question for you, Slashdot, is about how much this can be applied to, how much we can do with this. With everything we've learned from the worlds mistakes, could we draw up, from top to bottom, the closest thing to a Utopian society that we've ever come to? It could start as several very small projects that would grow and change with what makes the most sense. Some of them would fall apart and others would continue to grow. The final product would be the details of how we could have this perfect society for the people and by the people and evolving with their needs, a society founded on the principals of free software, transparency, and democracy. Can it be done? With enough interested, driven, and creative minds, can we really do anything?"

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