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Redmondmag Begs Apple to Move into Enterprise IT

msmoriarty (195788) writes | more than 6 years ago

Editorial 1

msmoriarty (195788) writes "Slashdot readers were confused/amused a few years back when the Windows IT magazine I work for, Redmond, told its readers to dump Internet Explorer. Now, our editorial director has written an open letter imploring Steve Jobs to make a serious play for Macs in the enterprise. From the letter:

"I believe Apple is missing out on a golden opportunity...How many IT pros use Macs at home or buy them for the family? Isn't this a perfect target audience?"

He thinks Apple could do well if it takes the right steps (including, he says, bringing back licensing, forging better relationships with Linux desktop vendors and working with IBM). How would you recommend Apple go about it (or should it even try/care)?"

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Advertising enterprise certification (1)

snakescantwearcapes (1231026) | more than 6 years ago | (#22258130)

I am an MCSE and manage a small MS network of 100 PCs. I use mac/linux at home because I'm bored and frustrated by Windows. I recommend Apple to my friends, family and work colleagues because my Apple using friends just don't cause me the support headaches my PC using friends do.

When my boss asks me "Why don't we use Apple at work?" I say "Running a mixed network would be a nightmare and Apple just isn't competitive in the Enterprise space". The real reason we don't use Apple at work is that I rely on group policy, am trained with MS products and I wouldn't know where to start despite my private enthusiasm. At home, I can't even figure out how to keep my Mac's network drives permanently & reliably mapped!

For the sake of this comment a quick google shows Apple does have enterprise certification [] but until now never even suspected.

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