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US claims sattelite shoot-down succes

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 6 years ago

Star Wars Prequels 1

An anonymous reader writes "The story is a follow up on the previous dicussions about the US' plan to shoot down of their own defunt sattelites with the purpose of saving humankind from the toxic hydrazine , which might have caused problems to public health as the sattelite was in a decaying orbit and out of control!!! here you go"

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Satellite Shoot-Down (1)

didahdah (1245882) | more than 6 years ago | (#22546576)

50 years ago, the Sputnik launch cost me my first job in the aviation industry, as the US suddenly noticed that getting a satellite into orbit was more important than refining bombers. Today, the problem seems to be getting them back out of orbit! Since the announcement of the successful destruction, I have been troubled by my inability to get the numbers to work! No matter how hard I try, the parameters for the SM-3 do not seem to allow that device to reach the USA-193 orbit (if the data posted on Wikipedia is anywhere near correct). The wording in the Pentagon press releases also struck me as extremely cautious, making me truly wonder: am I the only person on earth who doubts that this spectacular feat could even have been possible according to the laws of physics?
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