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Amazon's Kindle might be net neutrality's odd duck

v3rgEz (125380) writes | more than 6 years ago

Networking 0

Michael writes "Imagine signing up for broadband service that forces you to buy your computer from the ISP, only allows you to download DRM'd content from them, and only lets you visit pre-approved blogs — which they charge you a per-blog fee to access.

This nightmare scenario will definitely be on the minds of network neutrality proponents, as they square off with Comcast at a Harvard symposium today. But one prominent neutrality advocate might already have a device that undermines the case for the current legislation as it is written. Amazon's Kindle, and the Whispernet service bundled with it, violates every tenet of network neutrality: No openness to other devices, no openness to competitors' services, and while it allows viewing blogs, you can only read ones approved by Amazon and you're going to pay on a per-blog basis.

How do you define a net neutrality bill that keeps the monopolies in line while allowing for radical innovations in service models?"

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