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EeePC "just a race to the bottom" says Son

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 5 years ago

Sony 4

Alex Dekker writes ""If [Asus' Eee PC] starts to do well, we are all in trouble" says Sony's Mike Abary in this interview with CNet. Presumably by "all", he means all the hardware manufacturers who sell over-priced full-fat laptops. And he's not going to be too pleased when he sees the Linux-powered sub-£100 [$200] Elonex One. Looks like what's bad for Sony is good for the consumer."
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$299 against $2000 (1)

Calinous (985536) | more than 5 years ago | (#22598616)

Sony's Vaio laptops in the same weight class (true, with bigger and better screen, more memory and a magnetic hard drive) costs in excess of 6 times the cost of a EeePC.
      Is the $2000 low weight laptop better than the EeePC? Overwhelmingly so. Yet, that doesn't necessarily make it so much more desirable.

Re:$299 against $2000 (1)

kyle6477 (1174231) | more than 5 years ago | (#22599460)

The EeePC had the potiential because of that price will appeal to a lot of mainstream computer users (consumers) who just want a cheap laptop for general family use, internet, email, etc. $2000 laptops like the ultra-mobiles that Sony makes won't compete with EeePC very well because its not targeted at the same markets.

Competitors? (1)

This name in use (1248516) | more than 5 years ago | (#22599920)

Do you really think they are in competition? Are that many people who were willing to drop $2k for a Sony going to go over to the Eee instead? If I were buying IT in my company, and I bought my boss an Eee, I would probably be fired. I think the Eee is great because it opens up the world of compact laptops to everyone. The high end market still owns status symbol niche, and the power-portable users.

It's not a race to the bottom (1)

Calinous (985536) | more than 5 years ago | (#22600222)

It's a race back in time.
      There are only 10 years since 4GB hard drives were commonplace, there are only 6 years since 600MHz processors were commonplace, and even now there are computers for sale with 512MB RAM.
      If EeePC installed base will grow enough, maybe this niche will be filled by programs that are easy on storage, RAM and processor.
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