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WiMax not all its cracked up to be ?

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 6 years ago

Wireless Networking 0

Anonymous Coward writes "Buzz Broadband CEO Garth Freeman must have been taking tips from Al-Qaeda when he sat down in the International WiMax Conference in Bangkok and metaphorically self detonated leaving an otherwise pro-WiMax audience stunned. Buzz had depolyed the technology about a year ago and Freeman left no doubt about what he thought about the technology. Freeman claimed its non-line of sight performance was "non-existent" beyond just 2 kilometres from the base station, indoor performance decayed at just 400m and that latency rates reached as high as 1000 milliseconds. Poor latency and jitter made it unacceptable for many Internet applications and specifically VoIP, which Buzz has employed as the main selling point to induce people to shed their use of incumbent services. Read more at"
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