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Clear Channel demands more conditions to xm merger

plasmacutter (901737) writes | more than 6 years ago

The Almighty Buck 0

plasmacutter (901737) writes "Following the approval of the XM/Sirius merger despite their best efforts, the radio giant Clear Channel has been vehemently demanding more conditions for the new satellite radio monopoly.

Among these demands, the most vocal is the FCC apply the same decency standards used for broadcast radio, citing the capacity for the new giant to siphon off "edgy" content thanks to the lack of regulation in that regard.

In the interest of the public, clear channel is also seeking requirements they lease their satellite capacity to nonexistent competitors and 5% of their satellite capacity be set aside for public interest.

Finally, mirroring demands made decades ago by incumbent cable networks when satellite was established, Clear channel is seeking restrictions against XM/Sirius broadcasting local programs or advertisements.

Personally, i'm very happy to see our staunch public advocates at Clear Channel fighting against monopoly power."

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