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City of Heroes adds In-game ads

azuredrake (1069906) writes | more than 6 years ago

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azuredrake writes "NCSoft's City of Heroes has just announced that In-Game Ads are being added to the game, provided by an advertising firm Double Fusion. However, unlike in many games, the ads being brought to CoH have been defined as "always optional" and as a purely additional revenue stream, not as something that will ever allow advertisers to affect game content. City of Heroes General Manager Brian Clayton commented recently on IGN that "The first thing to make very clear is that Double Fusion was the one partner who was willing to work with us on making this optional. We didn't have that flexibility with a lot of advertisers and we feel that we owe it to our community, that this is something they really want to participate in. Opt-out was definitely a big issue for us." Additional commentary is available at Gamasutra, as per usual, as well as player reactions on the game's official forums; though you need a game account to comment, you can still read player reactions and developer comments at the provided link."
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