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Top Scientists Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

docinthemachine (1031976) writes | more than 6 years ago

Biotech 0

docinthemachine writes "A new research study published in Nature shows unprecedented levels of cognitive performance enhancing drug abuse by top academic scientists. In this study 20% of 1400 scientists surveyed from 60 nations reported using these drugs. The most popular ones used (all illegally without prescriptions) were: methylphenidate was the most popular: 62% of users reported taking it. 44% reported taking modafinil, and 15% said they had taken beta blockers such as propanolol. Together these drugs can eliminate the need for sleep without rebound while enhancing vigilence and performance, and reduce performance anxiety. Prepare for the upcoming epidemic of performance enhancing drug abuse. I predict these drugs will be used at rates surpassing any other illegal drug in history. They have minimal side-effects and are becomming increasing viewed on college campuses as nothing more than a no-doze. The military already thinks modafinil is a good idea for soldiers and pilots. The drug is a eugeroic and offers improved memory, mood enhancement, improved alertness and cognitive powers without any of the nasty side effects and mass murder of speed and crank."
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