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OLPC's Negroponte Wants to Scrap Linux

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 6 years ago

Education 1

An anonymous reader writes "OLPC needs high quality software on its machines, but the amount of abuse ladled out over OLPC's developer community is incredible. First they are called "terrorists", now it's "fundamentalists". In a new article, Negroponte suggests firing all of OLPC's existing GNU/Linux developers and replacing them with developers who can somehow make Sugar run on Windows. Any competent manager would realize this fanciful porting effort spells nothing but years of delay; Negroponte apparently exists in a dream world where Microsoft is a competent software company which both cares about the world's children and plays nicely with its smaller "partners". Email Nicholas Negroponte or OLPC's Board of Directors and let them know this time OLPC's gone too far!"
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Why send just email when you can send code too? (1)

Blaketh (1277796) | more than 6 years ago | (#23167800)

As much fun as it may be to write angry emails, there are other activities which bring all us folks to Slashdot, and one of them is writing code.

OLPC has a very active, open, and welcoming (if not always cordial) developer community. OLPC has tricky and fun problems. Its developers always love to see patches that a) make their lives easier, b) help the end users, and c) show off how good Linux really is. Their (mostly open) hardware is really good. Please help make the software match.

Mailing lists: []
Wiki, dev help: []
IRC channels: #olpc on
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