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The impact of Apple's dropping 64 bit C/C++ API

theolein (316044) writes | more than 6 years ago

OS X 0

theolein writes "I would like to add my voice to those querying Apple's dropping of support for 64 bit Carbon. As a developer and system administrator I find it disturbing that porting any application from Windows or Linux to OS X will now involve a major re-architecting and rewrite of the code, into Cocoa/Objective-C++. Apple knows full well the import of this decision on major software like Adobe's creative suite, most 3D applications and even Apple's own Final Cut Pro. There will be no 64 bit version of Adobe's coming CS4 suite on OS X and the timeframe for the CS5 suite is open as no one knows how long it will take to port such large applications. Porting these code bases is prohibitively expensive and time consuming. I work in a media firm of 40+ employees which uses OS X and Adobe software almost exclusively, and we are now seriously questioning whether we made the right decision when we decided to move to Macs, as many of our users run up against the 32 bit barrier daily. This decision was, I assume, most likely made by Steve Jobs personally, in an attempt, one assumes, to get more people to develop in Cocoa or to channel development for the iPhone, but I seriously question whether this decision is not going to come back to hurt Apple, and by extension, its customers. It would be good to know what slashdot readers think of this question."

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