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XP cheaper than Linux on new Eee PC

danwarne (545932) writes | more than 6 years ago

Microsoft 3

KrispyDollars writes "It sounds crazy to say this, but the XP-based version of the Eee PC 900 (the new version with the 8.9" screen) will actually be considerably cheaper than the Linux based version. At the official launch today, the company told journalists that "Microsoft has been a longstanding supporter of Asus" to explain the price discrepancy. And — get this — only the XP-based machine will be sold at mass-market retailers, while the Linux-based model will be consigned to computer stores."
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support (1)

timmarhy (659436) | more than 6 years ago | (#23321754)

They know supporting the linux one will cost them a fortune, thats why, DUH.

Re:support (1)

HappyHead (11389) | more than 6 years ago | (#23322536)

Actually no, the Linux one has much more drive space - a 20GB SSD drive instead of only 12GB, and that's where most of the cost difference comes in. Originally they were to be the same price because MS was refusing to budge on the license cost of XP for it. Once they saw the slap in the face they were getting in terms of the windows version being lower quality, they changed their mind about the license cost, thus making their (lower quality) version cheaper. The difference in profit for MS is likely being put into the marketing budget, so they could say "See! See! Windows is cheaper than Linux!"

Who cares? (1)

JayAEU (33022) | more than 6 years ago | (#23322800)

I really don't see what all the fuss is about. I couldn't care less what comes installed on any PC I buy. If it's a flavour of Linux, I give it a shot. If it's Vista, it gets reinstalled with the latest Ubuntu, just as it would if the preinstalled flavour of Linux sucked.

As for Windows XP, all the recent reviews of it on the EEE showed that it's less than a pleasant experience, because the EEE simply has too little power to make the bloat that is XP run sufficiently fast. Users have come to expect a certain level of snappyness and this is especially true for ultra-mobile systems like the EEE. Open it up and start using it. With Windows, this remains utopia, with Linux it's already reality.
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