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Old Computer Game Covers -- Art, or just old?

zentechno (800941) writes | more than 6 years ago

Classic Games (Games) 1

zentechno (800941) writes "Cleaning out some VERY old boxes, in a long-untouched closet, and discovered my first supply of PC Games, some new back when 386's were new, and while there's (almost) zero use for these, I still think the cover art is quite cool. I found the original Zork (I), Zork II, Zork III (and the later released Zork 0), Enchanter, and Sorcerer from InfoCom, plus Star Trek "The Kobayashi Alternative" from Simon & Schuster, Pool of Radiance and Eye of the Beholder from SSI, Loom by Lucas Games, Nuclear War from New World, Annals of Rome and FireZone from PSS, Sidewinder from EA, and Defender of the Crown from Mindscape to name many. I loved these games, and wonder if there's any sort of serious collectors market out there as there is for vinyl album art — or is it just a personal thing?"

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Me too (1)

[PF] Lurch (47956) | more than 6 years ago | (#23530290)

I also wonder if there is any collector market for these.... I've got about 40 game boxes that I've saved over the years.
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