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Wiretapping law sparks rage in Sweden

castrox (630511) writes | about 6 years ago

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castrox (630511) writes "This Wednesday at 9am the Swedish Parliament is voting on a new wiretapping law which would enable the civil agency (FRA — Defense Radio Agency) to snoop on all traffic crossing the Swedish border. E-mail, fax, telephone, web, SMS, etc. 24/7 without any requirement to obtain a court order. Further more, by law, the sitting Government will be able to instruct the wiretapping agency on what to look for. It also nullifies press tip or whisle blowing anonymity.

Many heavy agencies within Sweden have weighed in on this, with very hefty critic, e.g. SÄPO (akin to FBI in the U.S.), the Justice Department, ex. employees of FRA, and more. None the less, the ruling party block is supposedly pressuring its members to vote Yes to this new proposed law with threats to unseat any dissidents.

The new proposed law has given rise to a MASSIVE people uprise which will likely result in huge street protests on Wednesday. People have been completely surprised since this law has not gotten any media uptake and for the most part been kept in the shadows.

After massive activity on blogs by ordinary citizens and street protests the story has finally been picked up by major Swedish news sources.

There is more information on the Swedish (in English) newspaper, The Local. Specifically, see here, here and here."

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