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First Picture of Planet Orbiting Sunlike Star?

DigitumDei (578031) writes | more than 6 years ago

Space 1

DigitumDei writes "It appears scientists may have obtained the first ever image of a planet orbiting a sun like star.
From the article:
The planet itself lies out at a great distance from its parent star: about 330 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. By comparison, the most distant planet in our Solar System, Neptune, orbits at about 30 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun.
Dr Matt Burleigh, from the University of Leicester, UK, commented: "This is a very good candidate for a first picture of a planet orbiting a normal star."

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Far. Out. Man. (1)

conureman (748753) | more than 6 years ago | (#25026275)

Makes me wonder if our Sun has any planet-size objects orbiting way way (way) out there. In the dark.

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