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New Comcast plan has 'disconnect user' option

newtley (1014583) writes | more than 6 years ago

Communications 1

newtley writes "Comcast's new people, not protocols scheme may mean high speed for some, but by no means all. It's also created a draconian 'disconnect' option for use against anyone who fails to toe the Comcast line. But, says Robb Topolski, the Net protocol expert who originally uncovered Comcast's blatant efforts to control its customers, the plan does offer key take-aways telling P2P users on Comcast how to do what they do without the risk of corporate interference."
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Let Comcast dig it's own grave (1)

DontLickJesus (1141027) | more than 6 years ago | (#25094805)

I can by no means say that Comcast does not have every right to do whatever they want to with their own network, no matter how wrong or moronic. What I can say is that this should qualify as a breach of contract, and therefore qualify for termination of service if these users desire.

One subscribing to a home service must always remember that home service is run on a quality known as "Best Effort". This means Comcast will do its best to deliver your data at the speeds you have subscribed for. The method Comcast lays out here is certainly an attempt to keep the field level for all subscribers, but I don't think bandwidth limits are the real answer. Sometimes downloading that full-length DVD honestly has no affect on other users. However, seeing that cable users share a pipe, everyone should get their fair share upon demand.

My final point is this: Comcast has a duty to provide every 4MB subscriber as close to that speed as feasible given network traffic. Why it's whining is that its profit-by-overselling models must be thrown out the window when everyone downloads in idle time. Comcast wants to manage bandwidth of peak users? Fine, then prove that you could provide everyone the bandwidth they subscribed to at the same time. If by some manner your users exceed THAT capacity, you have a case.
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