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Stealing Data - As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Weblver1 (1310577) writes | more than 5 years ago

Security 0

Weblver1 writes ""A recent report by web security firm Finjan shows how easily data can be breached on anyone's PC by malware circumventing existing defenses. By means of 'Obfuscated Code' antivirus software and static Web filters could not identify the scrambled attack code as a threat. The report walks through a real-life scenario of the infection process, step by step, and tracks what happens to the stolen data. This demonstrates how stealing sensitive data has become unbearably easy — especially, given the abundance of easy to use DIY (do it yourself) crimeware toolkits. Finjan's report is available here (PDF, registration required). Just shortly after this report, Security firm RSA has released their findings of a huge amount of stolen 'virtual wallets' in one of the largest discoveries of stolen data, compromised by the Sinowal trojan. While the trojan can be traced back to 2006 it only managed to become more productive over time with more frequent variants.

With the scale, ease of use and hiding techniques making infections extremely difficult to find, no wonder today's crimeware achieves such 'impressive' results."

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