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Redhat and AMD demo cross CPU vendor VM migration

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 5 years ago

Red Hat Software 0

An anonymous reader writes "Redhat and AMD have just done the so called impossible, and demonstrated VM live migration across CPU architectures. Not only that, they have demonstrated it across CPU vendors, potentially commoditising server processors. This is quite a feat. Only a few months ago during VMworld, Intel and VMware claimed that this was impossible. Judging by an initial response, VMware is quite irked by this KVM accomplishment and they are pointing to stability concerns. This sound like scaremongering to me and it reminds me of VMware claiming that Xen could never run unmodified Windows and then it popped up at IDF only few months later. All the interesting controversy aside, cross vendor migration is obvious a good thing for customers because it avoids platform lock-in. Just imagine the ASPs Intel will ask when they realize you no longer have a choice."
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