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Independent Music At It's Best

DiscoverySound (1419701) writes | more than 5 years ago

Music 0

DiscoverySound writes "Well we all know that there are very many talented musicians in the world that go unseen and unheard by the mass public, and sometimes that is the way those musicians want it to be. Then there are those who's dream is to share their music with the whole world. Since the release of Youtube this has become an easy task. The other side of the story is that may be as far as the dream goes. As an independent music producer you are always taking a risk. But that is the beauty of the business is it not? I was browsing Youtube about 6 months to see who was the latest artist trying to make their "big break" hoping that someone would see them, believe in them, and help them break through that iron curtain, "The Music Business". Well I found someone who was just singing to be heard. That someone is Shanna Gilfix. Over 500,000 viewers have heard her song, "It Took Losin You" on Youtube and other web channels. I just couldn't sit back and do nothing. So I started emailing like crazy. Even made my own Youtube account just to contact her. I am glad that I did. She has a natural talent for music and poetry. She has an awsome guitarist, Richard Adoradio by her side who also believed in her and brought her to the next level. At least in my opinion. I hoping to produce her over here in Japan and at the same time believing it is going to open the doors for her in the United States. Without further adue, here is the video that broke the ground in cyber space. Please watch it, comment on it and cheer her on. Afterall, in the end it's all about the listeners."
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