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Interesting uses for a USB LED screen?

Hogwash McFly (678207) writes | more than 5 years ago

Toys 1

Hogwash McFly (678207) writes "My boss gave me one of those USB-powered red LED scrolling displays as a Christmas gift, and while cycling the usual 'I read your emails' and 'ID10T Error' messages will be entertaining for a day or two, I was wondering if it could be put to more constructive uses. The configuration file is plaintext and supports different scroll speeds, flashing, bitmaps and wav sounds. The font is defined as 5x5 pixels per character, also stored in plaintext as 5 hex values, one for each vertical line of pixels. A dynamically generated message could prove useful in my day to day work on the helpdesk, but are there any interesting uses beyond network notifications and news feeds?"

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what make and model are you referring to ? (1)

rednuhter (516649) | more than 5 years ago | (#26201093)

what make and model are you referring to ? I would be interested to know the cost and availability.
As you can access the pixels directly I would try creating a nice performance bar graph, network, cpus, heat etc

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