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The Best Computer Mice in Every Category

ThinSkin (851769) writes | more than 5 years ago

Input Devices 1

ThinSkin writes "Now that the folks at ExtremeTech have finished writing about the best keyboards for every occasion, they conclude their roundup of input devices with the best computer mice in every category, which includes ergonomic mice, gaming mice, notebook mice, and so on. While this year's crop of gaming mice didn't impress much, there were advancements in non-gaming mice and tracking, as demonstrated by Microsoft's Explorer Mouse with BlueTrack technology--which is considered more precise than optical and laser. Even ergonomic mice saw little growth in the year--prompting the reviewer to rely on the older Zero Tension Mouse as a favorite."
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Rest easy, we substituted "Every" for "Four". (1)

itomato (91092) | more than 5 years ago | (#26271257)

* Best General Mice
* Best Gaming Mice
* Best Ergonomic Mice
* Best Notebook Mice

"Nobody will ever need more than four categories of keyboard/mouse usage!"

What about the Best Portable Mouse? The Best Bluetooth/RF Mouse? The Best Mouse for Graphics/DTP? The Best Trackball? The Best Light Pen?

Is it time for an Ask Slashdot supplemental?

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