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Future of Compiz Uncertain

dov_0 (1438253) writes | about 6 years ago

Programming 1

dov_0 writes "Kristian Lyngstol from the Compiz project has shared some pretty big worries about the health of the Compiz/compiz-fusion project. He cites a lack of direction, organisation and a dropping number of programmers as major areas of concern. Responses from the compiz community to his mailing list post have not been overwhelming, with only one person posting in his support so far.

If Compiz was gone, surely someone else would pick up the pieces? Distros like Ubuntu have made it a notable feature of their desktop setup. Haven't we all enjoyed the glazed over eyes and admiring stares of onlookers as we spin our desktop cubes and pull out bling that makes Vista desktop effects fade by comparison?

Is the compiz project already dead without knowing it and who will pick up pieces and keep our desktop cubes spinning?"

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Compiz Fusion?? (1)

shank001 (1352821) | about 6 years ago | (#26289851)

Comment from a Compiz user from http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/compiz/2008-December/003238.html [freedesktop.org]

"Dramatically ugly, unusable, slow, badly animated and unconsistent. Open source development without a serious, expert mantainers can result in chaotic grouth of the project and waste of human resources into pointless code. The Compiz-Fusion project is certainly the most representative example of all this"

This, I think, really sums up the state that this project is in.

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