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Perl migrates to git versioning control system.

webapp (1200433) writes | more than 5 years ago

Perl 1

On Elpeleg writes "The Perl Foundation has announced at the website switching the version control systems to git. According to the announcement Perl 5 migration to git would allow the language development team to take advantage of git's extensive offline and distributed versioning support.

Git is open source and readily available to all Perl developers. Among other advantages, the announcement notes that git simplifies commits, producing fewer administrative overheads for integrating contributions. Git's change analysis tools are also singled out for praise.

The transformation from Perforce to git apparently took over a year. Sam Vilain of Catalyst IT "spent more than a year building custom tools to transform 21 years of Perl history into the first ever unified repository of every single change to Perl." The git repository incorporates historic snapshot releases and patch sets, which is frankly both cool and historically pleasing. Some of the patch sets were apparently recovered from old hard drives, notching up the geek satisfaction factor even more.

Developers can download a copy of the current Perl 5 repository directly from the site, where the source is hosted."

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Migration too soon? (1)

s1mon (1444955) | more than 5 years ago | (#26323937)

While the Perl for Linux camp enthusiasts are probably dribbling with uncontrolled glee about now being able to fiddle with git when fiddling with Perl... what about the Perl for Win32 camp? According to Wikipedia about git on Win32: msysgit: "While somewhat slower than the Linux version, it is acceptably fast and is reported to be usable in production, with only minor awkwardness. In particular, some commands are not yet available from the GUIs, and must be invoked from the command line." CYGWIN git: "Regardless, many people find a Cygwin installation too large and invasive for typical Windows use." At least with Perforce it was equally easy to get Perforce up and running on Linux or Win32 boxes. Typically you'd just have to copy one executable "p4" or if you prefer the GUI then additionally "p4v". I can't help feeling that switching to "currently-Win32-neglected" git could possibly harm one of Perl's most attractive qualities; that many modules work cross platform. Surely it would be more prudent for the Perl maintainers to wait until Win32 git is more mature etc?
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