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Home NAS + LDAP + POP OSS Solution?

cyclomedia (882859) writes | about 6 years ago

Software 1

cyclomedia writes "At the moment my idea of a NAS box at home is a Win 2000 machine with a single share named "media", and i only switch it on whenever i plan to consume any of it. But like many slashdotters i dream of a "box under the stairs" that is always on and automatically, er, "acquires" TV shows as needed. However my evil plan keeps growing. Firstly i'd like it to do LDAP, so that i dont have to set up identical user+pass combos and permissions on each and every device that might want to play on my LAN. Secondly i'd also (at least the wife would) like it to somehow host our POP mailboxes, presumably by some cunning auto-pulldown from the external POP mailservers into its own IMAP setup. Is there anything that even does the latter? Hardware is not a problem, aside from needing it all to play along on one box, so standalone FreeNAS and OpenLDAP boxen are out of the picture. Clients are a mix of Windows 2k+XP, Ubuntu and OpenSuse Thoughts?"

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Should be possible... (1)

Marsss (1464449) | about 6 years ago | (#26654681)

There is OpenLDAP for, well, LDAP. As for the email, there is IMAP serversoftware available (Courier or Dovecot, there may be others). Use Fetchmail to pull the mail from the external servers and deliver it to the IMAP server. That's all folks. Have fun!
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