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UK propose broadband expansion + music / film tax

Wowsers (1151731) writes | more than 5 years ago

The Internet 1

Wowsers (1151731) writes "First the tech illiterates in the UK government want to extend broadband internet connections to every home, whether it makes sense or not, then at the same time they propose a £20 per year (approx $29US) broadband tax which they claim will pay the record and film industries for their failed business models. Coincidence the two proposals are linked? And why should people be forced to pay for the failed film and music industries?"

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" they propose a £20 per year ... tax" (1)

Curmudgeonlyoldbloke (850482) | more than 5 years ago | (#26662013)

Er, no they don't. The Times made that number up in an attempt to do a bit of rabble-rousing. The actual interim report is here: []
(read down to "action 11")

That section's worth a read because he seems to be saying "why can't people just get together and sort it out?" rather than actually making any concrete proposals. The "Possible technical solutions" box is a good laugh too.

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