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How to create a waiting list over the phone

SammyB (903607) writes | more than 5 years ago

Communications 0

SammyB writes "The nonprofit company I volunteer for refurbishes computers and gives them out to people in need. Recently we had to start a waiting list because we were unable to keep up with demand. Now a majority of the calls coming into our understaffed office are people asking where they are at on the list. We would like to implement a telephone system that could allow people to lookup their number on the waiting list (our waiting list is simple, only a phone number and name). It would also be great if 1) people could add their name to the waiting list 2) the system could automatically call people when their name came to the top of the list and notify them their computer was ready. Does anyone have experience with interactive voice response systems or any other technology that could help solve this problem?"

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