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How Many Open Source Licenses Do You Need?

jammag (1021683) writes | more than 5 years ago

GNU is Not Unix 1

jammag writes "Bruce Perens, who wrote the original licensing rules for Open Source software in 1997, notes that there a sprawling 73 open source licenses that now exist. But he identifies an essential 4 — well, actually just 2 — that developers, companies, and individuals need. In essence, he cuts through the morass and shows developers, in particular, how to protect their work. (And yes, he favors GPL3 over GPL2). For his own coding work, he's fond of the "sharing with rules" license, which stays true to the Open Source ethos of shared code yet also enables him to get paid by companies who use it in their commercial products. Consider this the essential guide."
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Hi again (1)

Bruce Perens (3872) | more than 5 years ago | (#26874011)

Hi Folks,

I happen to be at my desk again today, and can discuss this article, if any of you have questions or, more likely, comments :-)

Someone asked last week if I just sat around waiting for Slashdot comments :-) It's more a matter of what my work happens to be for the day. I am an author, software developer, and paid public speaker. If I'm in my office programming or writing, and don't have a call or meeting scheduled or a short deadline, I can do this. Generally I'll watch for links when I have a new article like this out. But often I'll be traveling and won't get to respond to Slashdot, etc.

After my first 30 responses there will be a break, because Slashdot locks me out after 30 postings from one IP.


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