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M$ Ignoring Windows 7 Beta Tester Feedback.

twitter (104583) writes | more than 5 years ago

Microsoft 0

twitter writes "Windows 7 beta testers don't think M$ is interested in their feeedback.

Windows 7 is being rushed to market without adequate testing or even acknowledgement of beta user feedback. ... Microsoft isn't taking their feedback seriously, even when filed through their private beta tester feedback channels. Development team responses like "won't fix" or "by design" seem to be the the norm for even serious issues, leading many testers to conclude that the product was feature complete (i.e. no longer subject to significant modification based on tester input) long before they received their first code drop.

I feel sorry for those brave technical beta testers, many of whom have invested a good portion of their personal and professional lives helping Microsoft to assess the readiness of each new Windows version. Wake up, folks. It's all been a big lie.

This is more evidence that Windows 7 is just another pretty face on Vista. "Feedback" for non free software has always been a poor substitute for software freedom but freedom is not compatible with DRM and other parts of M$'s business model."
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