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Video Game Teaches Kenyan Youth HIV-Safety

QuackenDuck (1353665) writes | more than 5 years ago

Education 1

QuackenDuck writes "The latest video-game headlines are all about penises, violence, and taxes. Here's a story that turns the "Think of the Children!" battle-cry against games on its head. VOA News reports of how the video game medium is being used to educate Kenyan youth about risky behaviors that lead to HIV infection:

"Kenya has an HIV prevalence rate of about five percent, with young women among the most vulnerable to new infection. Now, the U.S. government and a private entertainment company have teamed up to produce and distribute a video game that teaches Kenyan youth how to avoid contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS."

Many parts of the world ARE gritty, violent, and dangerous and this game designer is using gritty, violent, and dangerous content to TEACH the children of Kenya. Take that, Jack Thompson."

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Jack Thompson (1)

Chih (1284150) | more than 5 years ago | (#27170959)

...thinks people get AIDS from video games. How is this going to change his opinion?
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